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We believe that each person on this planet is a beloved child of God. Through baptism we are able to publicly and formally give thanks to God for this new life, and to welcome the child into the life of the congregation, during public worship. Baptism only happens once. Your child will be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, making this baptism acceptable to all mainline denominations across the world. Upon baptism you will receive a certificate recording the occasion, as well as a baptismal candle.


So what actually happens during a baptism?  Read more



Bridesmaid's Bouquets and Wedding Rings

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! What a blessing to have found someone you wish to spend your life with, someone who can accompany you, support you through good and bad, and someone to hold you as you grow old together. We would love to be a part of your big day!  Read more


Civil Partnership



Funerals, celebrations of life or memorial services are an important, yet difficult part of our life journey.


After losing a loved one, it is important to gather with people who also knew and loved them, and to hear the impact that person had on the world. It is important to receive the love and support from others to remind you that you are not alone at this very sad time.  Read more

Self Guided Church Walks

Have you ever had church on the trails of Proctor Park? We are so blessed in Brighton to have these beautiful trails. And in these strange times, we need to find strength in our faith whenever and wherever we can.

Trinity-St. Andrew’s United Church has created two guided church walks or hikes, for you, your family and friends to enjoy. It’s just like a church service, sort of… with prayer, scripture, and a chance to experience God’s beautiful creation in a different way.

We have provided the guided hikes here for your own use, but we are also happy to lead the hike, if you would prefer to do this in a group. Just contact the church or Rev. Wanda directly and we can set up a time. Both these guided hikes take you around the short loop of the Proctor Park trails, starting at the trail head, at the end of Kingsley Avenue.

May you find yourself touched by the peace of Christ as you walk these trails, pray, and listen to scripture. We are not alone! We live in God’s world.

Church Walk One

Church Walk Two

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