Songs with Hope

'Songs With Hope' is Back!
Sandra and Wanda are so happy to announce that Sunday, July 5 at 7:00 we will host a live “concert” as a final installment of our Sunday night services, “Songs with Hope.” This event is based on the Song of Songs, so the theme is “love songs.” Shouldn’t be too hard to find the right songs!
If you would like to be part of a video for that half hour event, let us know! We are looking for ten songs. Because it’s a live stream and will require lots of video editing, we can only work with ten separate songs at this time. If we are overwhelmed with offers, we will consider doing another at a later date!
If you are interested, let Sandra know, or Wanda
If you are capable of recording your own video, we can use that. If you want to collaborate with others, we can help edit videos. If you do not have access to technology, but really want to be part of this event, let us know and we will try to help! 
Because of the technical requirements, we ask you to pray and consider whether you want to be part of this - and let us know by June 21. 


Online Auction

It’s almost here and there are more than 40 items. The Auction committee is hoping that bidders will be generous as we have a goal to reach.  All money raised will support the life and work of the church as we continue our mission at TSA to ensure that all people may grow in their relationship with God through Jesus Christ. 
Bidders must register!
To register

  • Go to website

  • Click on Bidder Sign In (located in the top right corner)

  • Below Log In you will see Not a bidder yet? Sign up (Click on sign up)

  • Enter First Name

  • Enter Last Name

  • Enter your email address

  • Choose a Display Name  (Can be anything mine is KarMar)

  • Enter a password can be anything (Not telling mine)

  • Confirm the password you have entered

  • Enter your address

  • Enter your city (Brighton)

  • Enter your country (Canada) to get to Canada click on little white arrow to the right and scroll down to Canada

  • Type in Ontario where it says enter State

  • Enter your Postal Code where it says Zip Code

  • Enter your cell phone #, if you do not have a cell phone number to give enter your home number.  (This is just for us to contact you if we need to)

  • Once this is done you can decide if you want to be notified if someone outbids you>  (I did not check either as I will just check the auction daily to see who has out bid me on the item I want)

  • Check the box that says you are not a robot (You may have to respond to a captcha question with pictures)

  • Check the box that says your Agree to the Terms


You should receive a confirmation email that you can click on to go to the bidding area.
Trinity St. Andrew’s United Church Brighton
If you find yourself unable to register and sign up please email Wanda’s husband John Futhey at
If you have questions at auction time or really want to see an item you are going to bid on please call or email and we can make arrangements.
Karen Martin 613-921-0776
Sharon McMullen 613-475-2928
John Futhey

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