This year for Lent and Holy Week
As of writing this, we cannot gather in person for worship or other activities. But that doesn’t mean we cannot worship or connect!  Please join us as we explore the theme of covenant/promise/treaty – a commitment to the greater good. This is a worship theme, but also includes a timely book study. Keep reading!
This year the worship committee has some creative and meaningful plans instore for you, beginning with Pancake Tuesday. Look at the schedule, and please plan to engage this important Christian journey with Christ, through the wilderness, to the cross. We need to descend to the shadows to really see the light of resurrection on Easter morning!
February 14, 10:30 a.m. – Transfiguration Sunday, Love feast (communion)
Tuesday February 16 – Pancake Tuesday (see separte ad for details)
Wednesday February 17, anytime on YouTube, a brief service of ashes. This can be self-guided with a service that you will receive in an upcoming delivery, or you can follow a YouTube video, to be unveiled on February 17.
Sunday February 21-  Lent One. Promises, promises. Planting seeds, with guest  Janet Kivisto
Sunday February 28 – Lent Two. What’s in a name? With guests Ryan Keenan and Debbie White and others
Sunday March 7 – Lent Three, Foolish pomises, or a treaty of love. With a guest law-maker
Sunday March 14 – Lent Four, PIE Day. Did someone say pie? with special guests from our Affirm committee
Sunday March 21, Lent Five, a Covenant of hope, with special guests from the Button family
Sunday March 28 – Lent Six

                 9:30-10:30 Palm Parade

We have 100 palms for celebrating the entry into Jerusalem. Here is how you get one! Wash your hands, put on your mask, load your household into your vehicle and drive up to the church.

Please enter by the south driveway (nearer the Clothing Depot) and follow the directions of the Worship Committee volunteers who will direct you around to collect your palms.

You will be staying in your vehicle. Head home in time for the 11:15 service, safely waving your palms all the way.

            9:00a.m. Palm Service Available on YouTube (link below available after 9am, Sunday) and the TSA Facebook page from 9:00 a.m. until forever.

             11:15 – Zoom and Facebook Passion Sunday worship
Holy week:
Maundy Thursday meditation, 7:00 half hour service of meditation (can also be self-guided any time)
Good Friday, April 2, 10:30 a.m. Taize service by zoom
Easter Sunday sunrise service: the empty tomb 7:00 a.m. by Youtube and zoom
Easter Sunday communion celebration 10:30 a.m. by zoom

Making Love Visible During Lent
We are offering a calendar for Lent. “Making Love Visible”, or Shining our Light is our 2021 theme. For the first 4 weeks our focuses are: Relieving Loneliness (for self and others), Striving for Anti-Racism, Caring for the Environment, and Trying Something New. For the last 2 weeks of Lent, we are hoping you will share your ideas for Making Love Visible, and we will use those to complete the Lenten calendar, and share it in the March newsletter. Please send your new ideas to Please use this calendar as you see fit. Perhaps one idea speaks to you, and you want to repeat it a few times. Perhaps you want to pick the ideas that fit for you on any day, rather than following the calendar.  See the links at the top of the page for the calendar and instructions.

Walking to Jerusalem

Ever wanted to go to Jerusalem? This year you can’t even get a flight to Israel, but maybe as a congregation we could walk together? 


As you know, a few of us have been walking/exercising regularly, and keeping track since the lockdown. While the lockdown has been lifted, as long as we are in an orange zone it doesn’t feel right to walk together - but we should all still be keeping active, right?


Here is our Lenten challenge for 2021 - let’s walk to Jerusalem together as a congregation. Obviously we wouldn’t walk from Brighton… there is an ocean in the way. But apparently many French Canadians can trace their earliest ancestors back to the port city of LaRochelle in North West France, so let’s start from there. Apparently it would take 870 hours to walk from La Rochelle, France, to Jerusalem, Israel. In each of the six weeks of Lent, we would all need to contribute about 145 hours of exercise. That’s almost 21 hours each day. That means, if 21 of us contributed an hour each day, we would get there. If 42 of us contributed half an hour each day etc etc.


So? You don’t have to be a walker - anything you do on the treadmill, a bicycle, skiing, yoga… anything that is active, and not sitting on the couch eating potato chips, we will count as walking minutes. Even getting groceries counts!


It will not be easy, but we can do this! Are you on board? Let’s walk to Jerusalem! 

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